Palletizing System

No matter what the load type is, whatever size or weight,
however many pallets you wish to process,
we have a model to meet your requirements.

The need to save labor and streamline operations is more pronounced than ever in distribution and shipping work, where products must be delivered to the market as quickly as possible. Our palletizing systems fulfill this need, featuring flexible product management capabilities and load capacity for an age when multiple product types have to be produced efficiently. The industry demands a palletizing system with randomized, automatic loading capabilities.

  • Multi-joint Robot Palletizer (F Type)
  • X/Y Axis-type Palletizer (XY Type)
  • High Floor-type Palletizer (V Type)
  • Automatic Pallet Supply Device (Pallet Magazine)


  • Robot Peripheral Conveyor Line
    [Play time] 1 minute

Production Line System

Improving both quality assurance and productivity
with a unified line suited to the flow of your work.

Our production line system allows workers to freely control the machinery so they can work at their own pace. The system can be operated easily and safely, increasing productivity by eliminating the waste and frustration of machine-like labor in increasingly diversified manufacturing processes. This conveyor system has the flexibility to respond to the diverse needs of users.

  • Free Flow Conveyor
  • Various associated machinery


  • Free Flow Conveyor line
    [Play time] 1 minute

Packaging System

Every wrapping and packaging task
automated with our unique technology.

In this time, when manufacturers need to supply flexible quantities of multiple products, wrapping and packaging tasks are becoming more and more complicated, in some cases acting as a bottleneck for production efficiency. This means that a completely automated system with high processing capability is needed. The answer is a product of HOKUSHO’s unique technological developments – the Set-up Caser, and our range of other packaging systems designed to meet a wide variety of needs.

  • Set-up Caser
  • Sheet Stocker
  • Various packaging and wrapping devices


  • Packaging line
    [Play time] 30 seconds

Various automated lines/devices


  • Semi-automated Picking System
  • Digital Picking Line
  • Book Shipping Line
  • Pallet Change System
  • Folding Container Shipping/Receiving Line
  • Wireless Picking Cart System
  • Recycle Center Transfer Line
  • Vertical Stacking and De-stacking Device
  • Traverser (tracked transfer cart)
  • Various transfer devices


  • Pallet Change System
    [Play time] 1minute, 30seconds
  • Digital Picking Line
    [Play time] 1 minute
  • Folding Container Shipping/Receiving Line
    [Play time] 1 minute
  • Recycle Center Transfer Line
    [Play time] 1minute, 20seconds
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