Conveyor Systems – Driven Roller Conveyor PRT Series

What is a driven roller conveyor?

A driven roller conveyor is a conveyor that uses multiple powered rollers to achieve horizontal transfer. Driven roller conveyors can handle a wide range of items, from lightweight cargo (cases etc.) to heavy cargo (pallets etc.), provided they a flat and stable base. They are perfect for creating line layouts to meet any demands through a combination of our many conveyor unit types, including straight, curved, merging, separating, sorting, direction change and accumulation units.

Smooth and efficient transfer
born of our wide variety of units.

Driven Roller ConveyorsPRT SERIES


Ring drive roller conveyorRN

A quiet, safe ring-driven conveyor suited to lightweight cargo. The variety of available units provides a high degree of freedom in line layout.


Accumulating roller conveyorMRC/BDR

Cargo items need never shunt each other along with an accumulating conveyor. We offer ring, belt and chain varieties depending on the load to be transferred.

CD 48/57/89

Chain drive roller conveyorCD 48/57/89

This conveyor’s powerful chain drive makes it suitable for a wide range of loads, from light to heavy (pallets).


Swing roller sorting conveyor Swing Unit

A quiet, safe ring-driven conveyor suited to lightweight cargo, this conveyor enables greater freedom of layout with its compact design.

Our Optional PRT Series Range, for Even Greater Operational PrecisionOPTION


A unit used for separation and sorting of cargo.


A unit that changes cargo direction by sending it out at right angles.


A unit used when you wish to temporarily stop/store cargo. Also used for lengthening or shortening the distance between cargo items as necessary.

Traffic Controller

A unit placed at line merging points that prevents cargo collisions.

Turn Roller

A unit used to correct the direction of cargo to be merged.


A unit used to prevent cargo protruding or falling from the conveyor edge.

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